The EWC Scholarship

Our annual scholarship application form is now available online!

Our Mission

Executive Women’s Club is an invitation only membership. We meet monthly for lunch and discussion of business with occasional guest speakers.

We pledge to serve Kerrville and Kerr County as a group of business women sincerely interested in the social and economic improvement of our area. Our service projects have benefited many organizations in the Kerrville area – The Cancer Society, The Hill Country Youth Ranch, The Kerrville State Hospital, Raphael Community Free Clinic and K’Star are just a few. Scholarships for local women so they may start or continue their higher education goals have been a long standing responsibility and concern for the EWC. The club strives in a number of ways to promote fellowship among the members.

Our Leadership


Tammy Myers

Vice President

Julie Davis


Jo Carol Smith


Amy Bowlin

Board of Directors

Missie Dreiss

2022 - 2024

Samantha Robinett

2022 - 2024

Kayla Zachry

2022 - 2023

Carolyn Northcut

2021 - 2023

Members List


EWC General Committees



Dawn Collum, Chair
Ginny Bull, Co-Chair


Ginny Bull, Chair


Missie Dreiss, Chair
Kayla Avirett, Co-Chair


Tracy Soldan, Chair
Caren Michel, Co-Chair


Trish Wilson, Chair

Public Relations

Tammy Myers, Chair
Dawn Collum, Co-Chair


Donna Bueché, Chair

Woman of the Year

Kerri Truelock/Kim Clarkson, Chair
Tammy Myers Co-Chair
Julie Davis

Service Projects

Sharon Kubenka, Chair


Dawn Collum, Chair

Baubles & Beads

Julie Davis, Chair
Amy Bowlin, Co-Chair

Catering & Bar/Beverage

Kayla Zachry, Chair
Tammye Riley, Co-Chair


Tracy Soldan, Co-Chair
Trish Wilson, Co-Chair

Door Prizes

Ginny Bull, Chair


Dr. Kerri Truelock, Chair
Missie Dreiss, Co-Chair

Fireman Participation

Caren Michel, Chair


Jo Carol Smith, Chair
Amy Ives, Co-Chair

Power Point

Michelle Gray, Chair


Julie Davis, Chair


Julie Davis, Chair
Amy Bowlin, Co-Chair


Dawn Collum, Chair
Tammy Myers, Co-Chair


Tammy Myers, Chair

Silent Auction

Samantha Robinett, Chair
Judy Miller, Co-Chair


Dawn Collum, Chair

Individual Tickets

Dawn Collum, Chair

Big Hug

Donna Bueché, Chair

Thank You

Donna Bueché, Chair

EWC Past Presidents & Award Recipients

EWC Past Presidents

Karen Fair1980Nancy Baker1980-1981Faye Harris1981-1982Margaret Edwards1982-1984 (2 terms)Nancy Baker1984-1985Juanita Maples1985-1986Lois Schlieter1986-1987Karen Fair1987-1989 (2 terms)Ann Robertson1989-1990Betty Shaw1990-1991Barbara Franklin1991-1992Linda Hise1992-1993Shirley Schmerbeck1993-1994Donna Bueché1994-1995Paula Holtzendorf1995-1996Diane Inglet1996-1998 (2 terms)George Anne Schwethelm1998-2000 (2 terms)Karol Potter2000-2001Marilyn Leinweber2001-2002Martha Spears2002-2003Sudie Burditt2003-2004Mindy Wendele2004-2005Martha Kies2005-2006Sue Steele2006-2007Tina Woods2007-2008Beverly Bond2008-2010 (2 terms)Kathy Dietert2010-2011Fay Abraham2011-2012Robin Amerine2012-2013Traci Tenery2013-2014Amy Armstrong2014-2015Patty Hatch2015-2016Dawn Collum2016-2018 (2 terms)Kim Clarkson2018-2019Gina Lagrone2019-2020Tracy Davis2020-2021Tammy Myers2021-2023 (2 terms)

EWC Outstanding Member Award Recipients

Lois Schlieter1983-1984Award not Given1984-1985Juanita Maples1985-1986Karen Fair1986-1987Ann Robertson1987-1988Betty Shaw1988-1989Joppy Romero1989-1990Linda Hise1990-1991Barbara Franklin1991-1992Shirley Schmerbeck1992-1993Patsy Day1993-1994Donna Bueché1994-1995Paula Holtzendorf1995-1996Frances Kaiser1996-1997Mindy Wendele1997-1998Sudie Burditt1998-1999Charlotte Thompson1999-2000Janet Robinson2000-2001Tina Woods2001-2002Martha Spears2002-2003Sue Steele2003-2004Beverly Bond2004-2005Sheryl Sterling2005-2006Linda Somerville2006-2007Jan Lynch2007-2008Kathy Dietert2008-2009Fay Abraham2009-2010Ginny Bull2010-2011Patty Hatch2011-2012Ardie Dixon/Robin Amarine2012-2013Traci Tenery Davis2013-2014Mary Doyle2014-2015Gina Lagrone2015-2016Dawn Collum2016-2017Lisa Winters2017-2018Kim Clarkson/Kerri Truelock2018-2019Tammy Myers2019-2020Julie Davis2020-2021TBA2021-2022